Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

• Bitcoiners are at an extremely early stage of adoption, with only .01% penetration.
• The current system is broken and Bitcoin can help create a fairer system that will remain after its initial adopters.
• Force pilling (trying to convince those closest to you of the potential of Bitcoin) is not always effective.

Bitcoin Penetration Rate

The current state of Bitcoin adoption is extremely low, with only .01% penetration out of 2.2 billion people globally. @CroesusSource has identified 250,000 “Bitcoin Maximalists” out there who have 50% or more of their net worth invested in bitcoin. This means that only one out of every 10,000 people have been convinced to become a Bitcoiner.

Broken System

Bitcoiners believe that the existing system is fundamentally flawed and argue for a new one based on fairness and sustainability. In order for this new system to work, we must defund fiat currency by giving people the opportunity to opt-out and vote with their money – through bitcoin.

Origin Story

It’s hard for many Bitcoiners to remember how they viewed the world before they were converted into believers – but this also makes it challenging to understand the perspective of non-believers. To us, everything can be related back to bitcoin – from climate crisis, inflation crisis, food crisis and authoritarianism – so we try our best to spread our message by force pilling those closest to us first.

Force Pilling

When trying to spread the word about Bitcoin’s potential greatness, it doesn’t always go our way as we had hoped when talking with family or friends about it. It takes time for them to understand what we see in cryptocurrency – even if it feels like our epiphany happened overnight!


In conclusion, though Bitcoiners may suck at orange pilling right now due to its low adoption rate, they still strongly believe in its power as a tool for creating a better future through financial freedom and independence from traditional systems of money & banking – if only others could see what they do!

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